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“Tenjiku Tokubei “, Toad Magician

Kuniyoshi Utagawa's work depicts the Edo period merchant Tenjiku Tokubei chanting a toad spell, and the subject is a giant toad.

In Japanese folklore, frogs, which are both grotesque and familiar at the same time, have been the subject of various fables (sometimes they are said to be messengers of the rice field gods). However, the image of the ``toad sorcerer,'' which associates frogs with ``witchcraft,'' originates from the Chinese tale of the toad hermit.

Tenjiku Tokubei, drawn by the genius Utagawa Kuniyoshi, is a masterpiece.

Utagawa Kuniyoshi

He is one of the leading ukiyo-e artists of the late Edo period, and has a rich artistic sense, innovative design ability, unconventional ideas, and solid drawing skills, and has created many works that have a wide-ranging appeal that goes beyond the framework of ukiyo-e. produced.

Size: 14” x 11”

Hand made

Limited Edition: 1/1


700,00 €Preis


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