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Spanish artists Plá (Ramón Plá) and Sil (Silvia P Nebot) bring the magic of nature to life with their limited edition resin sculpture Recuerdo Hyacinthus(Hacinthus Memory). The piece, an illustration that comes to life in moulded and hand-painted resin, presents a magical and somewhat shameful "flowie", who with her pollinating staff and her great forest friend the bee pollinates the rest of the flowers in the forest, creating a harmonious world full of life and nature.

As as a handmade edition, the sculpting and hand-painted details are captivating. Flowing out of nature, Recuerdo Hyacinthus features a beautifully-executed, hand-molded cold porcelain flower by Sil. An invitation to an enchanted world, this edition stands out.

An edition of 7, the Recuerdo Hiacinthus resin art toy sculpture (12.2″) is available for pre-order  and has an estimated delivery time of no more than six weeks.


Through the silence of the flowers, we enter the magical world of the “Flowies”; this is how these beings of infinite wisdom are called. Timid hands model delicate and majestic flowers, filling with colour, aroma and sensitivity wherever they decide to bloom. Small thoughts, together with a singular pencil, a little absent-minded but full of great ideas, give birth to creation, to the birth of hidden beings”.


650,00 €Price


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