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BLAT BLAT! Man dem bad mans. Here comes Jubs!

More gems from this newly opened box! We often forget how much stuff is in the archive. This box has some serious vinyl figure grails. Another banger today.

This is the rare "Jubs" figure from artist James Jarvis' Vortigern's Machine universe of characters (2006). We distributed most of the Jarvis figures during this period. This is the only one available. We LOVE Jubs. Super funny one. One of our favorites. This guy is pretty large also - one of the larger Jarvis figures ever produced.

This item is in ABSOLUTE MINT condition. Never been removed from the box, and the box has been stored in a box in a climate controlled storage area. It's like it just came from the manufacturer yesterday. Museum caliber archival storage. Super rare to find and impossible to find in this condition.

The images of the figures out of the box were found off the internet. We have not even opened the box. The figure is about 11 inches tall.

James Jarvis

Jubs (Vortigern's Machine), 2006

Vinyl figure in custom printed box

12 x 8.5 x 5.5 inches (box)

Published by Amos



Beautiful Losers Archive

James Jarvis, Jubs (Vortigern's Machine), 2006

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