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Run to get Darubob!!! We believe Darubob is one of those figures that is worth betting on. First hand we say that it has a very good level, it is completely made in our country and has a formidable team of artists behind it. A fantastic and surprising way to unite Japanese culture and one of the most current pop icons. You can not miss it in your collection.


Darubob is the result of Feeble Freaks' years of experience in the world of illustration and tattoos. It is his second Art Toy after Innocence and has the particularity of being the first by a Spanish artist to be produced on vinyl by a Spanish factory.

As its name suggests, it is a mixture of the well-known SpongeBob cartoon and a red daruma (Japanese lucky figure that helps us achieve our goals) that symbolizes prosperity and fortune. Will both eyes be painted because Darubob's launch is a goal accomplished?

Price: 150 €

Limited edition of 300 units

Size: 13.5 cm (height) x 12 cm (width) x 14 cm (length)

Shipments ready for the first quarter 2021.

We can tell you that we had the pleasure of having the prototype in our hands and the visitors of Expo Toys BCN 2020 were able to see it. Now with the vinyl production and finishing touches, the figure has gotten even better.

DARUBOB by Moi Martos

150,00 €Preis


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